Unwritten rules of womanhood

“Stress levels in India remain very high compared to other developed and emerging countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Australia,” the Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey 2019 noted”

Especially among women in India, there are large cases of women who are married and working tend to experience more depression than married men. There is a large percentage gap of women indulge in a stressful work environment than men.

Unwritten Rules:

Many say “ women don’t handle stress well”.But the working women(I mention married women here) concept is quite strange in India. Many women believe that taking care of children is the woman’s sole responsibility for the family. And so they need to sacrifice a little in work. And the vice-versa won’t happen. They have an absolute satisfying answer that the husband’s salary pays a big slice in family finance. Maybe they are right in their own way. I will explain this why because in India women get married off at an early age of 22 to 24 at max. As India is the biggest engineer manufactures, all engineering students tend to complete their degree by age of 21. And a woman tends to start working by 21 itself and some maybe after a year. And after 2 years of her working career, she would be forced to marry. And mostly it’s an arranged marriage, which your parents arrange it for you. And it’s obvious that he(bridegroom), would be a minimum of 5 years elder than you. So it’s quite obvious now, why he is steps ahead in ladders of career and finance matter.

Even we embrace our millennial’s labels, all over. Still, there are people not willing to let go of gender stereotypical customs. And few women, sorry most of the women tend to fall into trap of “the good daughter”, ”the good wife”, “the good daughter-in-law”, “the good mother” labels. So they fall into the trap of listening to unwritten rules of Indian women.

The stressful sauce:

So now we come to the actual sauce of this article, Stress of married working women,

What the stress they need to face up if they decided to work after marriage and especially after giving birth to a baby. It’s still the women’s responsibility to take of baby and household chores. And the new norms going on, that a successful woman is who successfully do household chores and take care of baby and also perform well in work and achieve targets in projects too.

I don’t say humans cant do it, but it’s tough. you know. And also why us!. Yes, the stress what women go through is quite different from what men go through. And because of this sort of life, many women quit their job. And our women, men ratio in working statistics are low, and the number of women in chief executive positions is less.

Every human is emotional, and we tend to make women feel that taking care of children is women’s sole responsibility. And so, when compared to father, the mother feels more guilty of her career. Quitting her career will make her guilt go away. But what about her career.

Schedule like a roomie

The only solution to this is to sit and talk. And decide who needs what. A woman is strong by having a strong supporting husband at her back, who supports whatever the society says. So nothing wrong in sharing your work.

And have you thought, how cool it is to have a best friend as your room and share your house chores and have fun at home. It was amazing with your girlfriend at college.

But when your commie becomes your husband. Everything weighs more on one side. And it’s not fair. Give it a chance and try this roomie technique.

A Self-reliant boss

All working ladies and gentlemen, I bet most of you have realized some best superiors or worst superiors at your workplace. Yes, there are many. I could see when people are growing in their professional life, they are satisfied with the designation and numbers they get paid off. But your growth in professional life, should shape your personal character and vision. When you get a opportunity to lead a team, train yourself first, and find out what’s your vision for your organization and for your team. Because your vision will absolutely influence your team.

I’m not here to describe or let you understand the difference between a leader or a boss, ‘ cause it’s a game of a thin line. And all leader can be a boss, but it’s not vise versa. Getting a task done from your employees is quiet a difficult job. But demotivating your co-workers at workplace may not affect your team, but definitely it may ruin your future for sure. And absolutely somehow it may affect your team members professional growth.

A boss will not have this wonderful characteristics and vision for both their employees and organization. To be frank, most of them are self proclaimed boss. And they are so deterrent and self-reliant.

Enough of complaining, but I’m writing this today just to make everyone aware that we are all gonna be a leader/ boss someday . And also we were all a low wage employees at our initial stage of journey. So we are gonna play both the roles someday and we don’t want to do same silly actions that we all dealt with. So be prepared to be a leader even it’s for one or million.

Never be a boss to your employee.


Hey fellow readers, happy to catch you all once again. I know, I had a huge gap after my first few posts. Because I have a full day job, and my office work had loaded me up. And I couldn’t able to work on my blog for days. And ladies, I’m here today to refresh your weekends with some of my personal life experience and lessons, and I believe that may help you uplift your own life.

Firstly, I believe many of you doesn’t know about me except my name in profile section in blog or bio section in Instagram. Let me give you a some small intro about who I’m and why I’m doing this blog thing and what made me do it.

I’m keerthana Ram. And I’m living in South Tamil Nadu, India. I did my schooling in my hometown. And most Indians have only two options for their career either doctor or engineer, like everyone, I completed engineering in some reputed college in Chennai. From then, i started living in Chennai, which is my dream City from childhood. And I joined in some IT firm and currently working as software engineer which is quiet boring AF. And dot, that all about me, not much to say.

I always had interest in fashion. And I always love to try out new outfits on me and love to try out different trends on. And I love to dress up despite any sort of mental health. ’cause dressing up well, is always my first confidence booster for all my life. And I love to mix up my daily office attire to bring about new and different style everyday. And this daily interest, get me more into fashion and styling of particularly corporate attires. And sooner or later, I started out this blog last month with no master plan of what I’m gonna to do with it, I’m just into the flow. And I love doing what I’m doing now. And it’s making me so happy and satisfied. So, whatelse you need in your life other than happiness and peace.

Down the pike, I’m experimenting with my techie life as well. So, few months back, I have given opportunity to work on different field of work, in same organization. And I happily accepted the offer and doing my best on work. And I’m still into the trial and error methods of life, finding out what works for me and what don’t. I absolutely believe that the person who experiments more will learn more. But down the pike of learning new things in life, we as human will always lose hope and confidence at times considering the temporary failures. These small failures will put you down and make you feel 100 percent less worthy. But, but.. what I have learned from near past is, ” you are not alone on this road”.And also, when you put yourself down, then you fail to look at the new opportunities that’s waiting at your door for your approval. And ladies, to bring up the best thing in you, please surround yourself with positive people and vibes. Neglect the people who bring in , some negative vibes around you. And it’s hard I know, but try to accept failures and move on with your life goals.

And finally, peer-respect is the most important thing to consider in your corporate job. There are people who intentionally get you down to check your sustainability. So, in the event of handling , don’t lose your self respect and dignity for any cause.

Be independent and dignified in work and in life.

Blouses you can won over in life – Shein Haul

Hey peeps, happy to see you all once again. I believe that you all had checked out my previous post about how to represent yourself at work. If not click the link to check out.

how to present yourself at work

So, now in this post, I’m gonna continue on my previous post. The best blouses you can match up with the best trouser that I have mentioned in the previous post. Yes, we, have chaos at our cupboards against the blouses and shirts. The daily dilemma of which shirt/ blouse matches up with the right trouser. Added to that, finding the most comfortable one for the mood of the day is highly hectic task of every morning.

So, here I’m to give you people, some best and simple blouses you can have in your wardrobe to reduce your daily chores.

Here we go.

Ribbed Knit Ruffle Hem Peplum Top

Frilled Collar Striped Top

Ruffle Trim Tie Neck Top

Mock Neck Plaid T-shirt

Frill Trim Solid Tee

Revere Collar Pocket Front Chiffon Blouse

Pocket Up Notched Neck Top

Camel Double Breasted Coat With Welt Pocket

These are some few pieces you can add to your wardrobe to match up all kinds of trousers you have in your wardrobe.

Actually this is not an sponsored post, these are my favorite go-to got office wear from my favorite brand Shein. You can find all these types of blouse/ shirt / jacket in any shopping website.

Stay tuned 😎… And something amazing for working peeps coming soon.

How to present yourself at work?

Being professional at work certainly gives you benefits for your career. And it can gain you some respect at the workplace. And I will be listing a few in this post. ‘ Cause this is a huge topic to discuss. And I want my followers to get all the information in detail. I’m gonna list “the most important ” things to be considered in the process…

Dress up well:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel.

As you all know, the first impression is the best impression. You need to dress up so professionally depending on your field of work. Because every business has their own code of professional work-wears and some have certain business casuals too. First, we’ll look into the types of pants/trousers that you can choose to add to your wardrobe.
  • Flare leg suit pants
  • High Waist cigarette trousers
  • Straight leg pants
  • Boot cut pants
  • Flowy wide leg pants  
So, these are some basic types of pants you should have in your wardrobe, so you can rotate it through out the week.

Flare leg suit pants:

High Waist cigarette trousers:

Straight leg pants:

Flowy wide leg pants:

Boot cut pants

So peeps,these are some basic types of pants you may add up to your wardrobe to make your office wear interesting everyday.

Keep your finger crossed, and stay hungry in fashion.. I will come up with a new post for blouses and blazers that could  pair up with all types of pants that I mentioned here.

So, Don’t worry, stay tuned😎

Breaking into “workplace style blogging”-My dream

Hi everybody, Good to see you all. I warmly welcome you all to my wonderful journey of workplace style blogging. I can start with the most searched problem on google by working bees, which is “how to be confident at workplace”. There are so many ways that you can loose your confidence at workplace. So, what can we do, about it?. Ok it’s a cliche, I know. But.. but.. confidence is super addictive. Yeah, being confident is super high😎. So, I have a simple way that you can boost your confidence at workplace. And let your colleagues go crazy by looking at the confidence that you gonna play with.

Ooo…hooo… It’s super-excited for me to share my ideas with you people..

And the answer is ” dress up and slay the world girl”. Amidst the busy work schedule, I know it’s really hard to pair your trousers with the right shoes. And some of you may think ,”girl, I can’t put all my money on my clothes and shoes”. Yassss. I can hear all of your voices in your head.

OK girls, I can bring up some simple and effective solutions for all of your problems. No fear of stuffing your room with so many unused work-wear. Just few piece could make wonders for years.

I will be helping, all of you with super cool ideas and styles that you could do all day everyday with no-repeat.,

Stay tuned… 😎👩‍💻